Saturday, June 5, 2010

A plant you have to love

Look at how the sun magnifies the drops of dew on the finely serrated leaves of the Lady's mantle.  It is just like a necklace of jewels in the sun.  This is one plant you grow for the leaves.  The flowers are large yellowy plumes that appear in late June, but many people don't like them and cut them off.  This plant plums up quickly in the garden and is a reliable grower.  I recommend it to all gardeners. It can be divided easily and will grow in sun or shade.  This one is a foundation plant in the shady garden.

The star of Jerusalem is a plant you don't often see in the garden.  Here it is paired with a small leafed hosta.  The bright green grass-like leaves of the star of Jerusalem appear well before the hosta emerges from its winter sleep.  Then when its leaves are starting to turn yellow and die back, the flower emerges. Paired with a hosta the flowers poke up through the leaves and show off to great effect.  The yellow leaves of the star of Jerusalem which are lying exhausted on the soil, are hidden by by the newly emerged hosta and the plant continues to put on a show.