Saturday, June 12, 2010


I don't think roses live up to their reputation of being difficult in the garden.  Okay, we are shortly about to enter the period when you have to hand pick the Japanese beetles off the roses, but I have just spent a month picking the red beetles off lilies and squishing the egg sacs -yuk!
 This David Austin rose, named Abraham Darby, is just so beautiful. It is listed as an apricot yellow rose.  It is a colour I love.  I had it in the front garden for years and it never amounted to anything, so I moved it to the back last year and it just loves the new spot.  This is the bouquet I picked this morning.  The yellow edges and stamens in the pink petals are just lovely. This is what I think of as an English garden rose, even the name evokes England.  Surely everyone has room for at least one rose?