Wednesday, October 27, 2010


hosta putting on a Fall show
Every shade garden needs hosta.  This hosta, called Krossa Regal, with its large blue grey leaves and prominent veins,  is a standout in the garden at any season.  But the spotlight yellow colour of the leaves make you appreciate it all over again in the Fall.  I am always torn between getting an early start on cleanup, in case the bitter winds come early, or waiting for the Fall display of colours from my garden plants. 
If you clean up too soon you miss the leaves of evening primrose blushing bright red. You haven't paid attention to it since it bloomed yellow in the spring, but suddenly it reminds you why its in your garden. Lamium is another plant that just keeps on going. In a shade garden the white leaves draw your eye and the flowers are a bonus!  But it stays pretty and fresh looking through the Fall.
As the leaves lose their chlorophyll the resulting colour is still prized.
lamium still making a display

Fall Colours

mature Japanese Maple in Port Credit
The Fall colours are stunning.  Some days I just want to stand still and stare.  Japanese Maples display beautiful yellows, reds and oranges at this time of year.
The grasses, swaying gently in the breezes and making rustling sounds outdoors also make the season special.
Hydrangea and burning bush can be relied upon for colour, now.  And while burning bush appear bland and insignificant the rest of the year, their eye-catching colour now makes you want to plant hedges of them in your yard.
Karl Foester grass with large burning bush in the background

Hydrangea and burning bush add colour and structure in Fall