Sunday, July 3, 2011

More pictures of the Garden Tour

St. Francis presides over the peaceful back yard.
 What makes a garden 'special'? It's the unexpected hits of colour; the unusual plants that make you stop and wonder; the contented fat specimens that you know are situated just right.  Some people have a knack for placing plants.  When you walk in their gardens a feeling of calm descends and you don't want to leave.
This garden was manicured.  Each bus was clipped and constrained to match its setting, but so artfully done the overall effect was very pleasing.This was another peoples' favourite on the Cloverleaf Garden Tour.  The owners had loved there over 50 years and lovingly put time and energy into the garden.  
The pond sported some contented goldfish.  Apparently they lost 3 to a grey heron this Spring, that stopped for a meal on its was to a nesting site.
This spot at the side of the house is used to create a cactus garden in the summer months.

Fat and happy this honeysuckle has a contented spot.