Thursday, March 31, 2011

Springing Up

Snowdrops revealing their green border on the inner petals
Went to the Successful Gardening show yesterday, as one of the many volunteer tasks I take on.  I thought "Oh, I'll get free entry!"  But of course, that did not work out for me.  I volunteered for a time before the show opened!  Yup, I got  to set up when nothing was there.  Which only goes to say that you should only volunteer when you have no ulterior motives! Well, I did it for Riverwood Conservancy which really is a precious treasure of a Botanical Garden in Mississauga.
I did manage to see some furniture made out of the plastized wood products, which I was quite impressed with.  Bosman was the seller.
Trex chairs at the Bosman display at the Successful Gardening show. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

The next Cloverleaf meeting

Looking for inspiraton?  Need a Spring Gardening Break? Co me to the next meeting, you'll make friends and learn something new!
 $14.00 a year for a membership or $5.00 per visit for visitors.

April Meeting
Wednesday April 20th, 2011
Frank Kershaw
“Historic Gardens of Ontario”

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Need a Touch of Spring?

The Stratford Garden Festival is on until Sunday at  the Stratford Rotary Complex. There are supposed to be some beautiful display gardens!

I'm off to the Bahamas, so I'll report from there for the next few weeks. Sun! Gardens! Sea! That's the Life!