Thursday, March 31, 2011

Springing Up

Snowdrops revealing their green border on the inner petals
Went to the Successful Gardening show yesterday, as one of the many volunteer tasks I take on.  I thought "Oh, I'll get free entry!"  But of course, that did not work out for me.  I volunteered for a time before the show opened!  Yup, I got  to set up when nothing was there.  Which only goes to say that you should only volunteer when you have no ulterior motives! Well, I did it for Riverwood Conservancy which really is a precious treasure of a Botanical Garden in Mississauga.
I did manage to see some furniture made out of the plastized wood products, which I was quite impressed with.  Bosman was the seller.
Trex chairs at the Bosman display at the Successful Gardening show.