Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's sunshine yellow time in the garden

It's time for the evening primrose to bloom.  I love this time in the garden. The eye catching yellow of the primroses call you from across the way to come and rest in the garden. I find this a very peaceful time and I always associate yellow with cheeriness!
I particularly like primroses planted next to purple spiderwort, which are at their best right now.  In southern Ontario, spiderwort die back after flowering and the foliage needs to be cut back and removed or they look like spent tulips splayed on the ground.  I always support spiderwort, but one tip I read suggested that they be planted tightly between other tall plants that will hold them in check.
My primroses are inter-planted with rudbeckia, so I have a new burst of yellow and brown when these are finished.  I cut the tops off the primrose to remove the flower heads and then leave the stems and leaves to turn red-bronze in the Fall. Primroses wander around the garden anyway and when planted with something else, it keeps the spot filled.
An interesting garden relies on good combinations of colours and textures. Another good combination with yellow is red.  You can rely on roses to spread their rosy hue throughout the garden.  In June, the roses and their bushes look so lovely. It's another combination to consider. Another month and a new flush of colour will take over. Pink is next in my garden, I'll keep you posted.