Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens

The Rhodo gardens in Port Credit have started to mature and they really are beautiful now. The setting by the lake is really special too.  I wanted to get down and see them before the rain washed the blossoms away.  There are some wonderful colours in the blossoms.  The small leafed rhodos, like PJM, have already bloomed, but there were some beauties still in bloom.  There are some bushes with extremely large leaves. I was at a pruning workshop where the expert advised that the smaller the leaves the easier rhodos are to grow.  I'm successful with PJM's, but not as much with Nova Zembla with its striking red flowers. I purchased a very large Catawbiense Boursault this year, Its beautiful violet flowers brightened my front garden all May.  I hope it survives!  All around me neighbours have beautiful rhodos, I can't believe that I can't grow them.  I do have a large and healthy PJM which blooms faithfully every year, so keep trying other plants, but I think my soil is more limey than I think.
The Rhodo garden is nestled in the shade under large trees and the path into the garden is a wall of colour.
There are many interesting shade plants along the path such as solomon's seal and large leafed hostas. Most of the azaleas have finished blooming, don't miss this opportunity to see the garden while it is in bloom.