Saturday, June 12, 2010

Laking Gardens, Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington

A few of us from the garden club went to the Laking Iris and Peony gardens at the RBG.  I had read that on Tues evening that there was classical music in the gardens. However it was in Hendrie Garden that night and we were music -less.  Nevertheless, and in spite of all the rain we have had,  the garden was still beautiful. The peonies were still in bloom and many beautiful irises were open. They have a beautiful perennial garden on the entry to the iris and peony bed.  These photos are courtesy of Sophie Matta.
 The veronicas were just gorgeous colours of blues and purples and really brightened the garden.  The geraniums (or cranesbills) were working their magic as well. The pink blossoms of the pink penny were dispersed throughout the garden.  The goatsbeard was in full bloom and shooting up 7 feet next to the fence.  It really is a wonderful plant for a large open space.  I saw rue planted here one year and went back and planted it in my garden.  I have two kinds planted next to each other the smaller one tucked under the larger. You can make out the thin stalks of the unopened rue blossoms towering over the fence. The smaller one has finished blooming and the panticles have gone to seed. I am allergic to this plant and wear gloves up to my elbows whenever I need to trim or touch it.  But it certainly makes a statement in the garden!