Friday, June 3, 2011

Raccoon in the noon day sun

Look carefully. A raccoon is sleeping in the centre of the tree. Photo by Dave Taylor

I was volunteering at Riverwood, as part of the stewardship program.  We were mulching  a trail when  someone noticed the raccoon curled up asleep in the tree. We told the resident photographer and he got this lovely shot.  (Dave Taylor has published wildlife books and is an excellent photographer). You can see the beautiful clear sky and the green of the trees, it was that first hot day of SApring, and I think we broke a heat record.  After all the rain we've been having, it was totally enervating to be outside and sweat was dripping from our bodies in rivulets.
It's hard work being a steward of the earth! We had a corporate group from PriceWaterhouseCooper. They were glad to get out of the office and help in the Conservancy. They mulched trails (about 6 cu. yards) planted wild flowers and pulled dreaded garlic mustard.  Garlic mustard is very invasive and will take over an area very quickly.  It changes the soil ph and prevents other plants from establishing, so it is very detrimental to a conservation area. It is important to replant with desired species right after pulling the garlic mustard or it reestablishes.
The more time you spend in Riverwood, the more you see and the deeper your appreciation for the place.