Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lupins in the Garden

Tekapo in NZ, 2009, they know how to grow lupins!
 This area of NZ has masses of lupins in the Spring.  Apparently, people come from all over the Island to see them.They absolutely cover the fields in Tekapo, where they have the incredible blue waters of the glacial lakes, near Mount Cook. I will never forget the sight of all those lupin and that little stone church.  An English woman, homesick for England is said to have asked to have some seeds sent over. Just look at what one person can do to alter the landscape. Makes you think about invasive species, doesn't it?

New pink lupin in my garden. Gifts are best!

 Lupins remind me of two places - Prince Edward Island and New Zealand.  This time of year lupins grow in the ditches and fields of PEI and create a beautiful sight. The Handyman's parents came from PEI and we would travel back at the end of June and see the wonderful flowers.  Strangely his grandparents had none in front of their home.  So our legacy was to dig up lupins and put them in the ditch in front of their home.  I now have some of those purple lupins in my garden.  This pink one was a gift from someone whose father had prized them.