Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunset at Lewbongan

Sunset at Lembongan is absolutely lovely.  The beautiful orange and pink glow is not like the tropics, it’s not over right away.  The sunset lingers here not as long as at home, but enough to enjoy with lazy drinks. The seaweed farmers polling their way back to shore are outlined against the sky and all the fishing boats and our dive boat are grounded till high tide.  Saturday is Bali buffet night at our hotel. It is an event anxiously awaited by the expat locals.  Your lips will love you and hate you the guide books said and it is certainly true in this instance.  We had to use only our sense of taste and smell as it was too dark to see at our table in the sand on the b each.  We didn’t know what was making our lips tingle; it was too dark to see.

We watched with interest, as beside our garden villa the locals dug a well and found water in a day.  Not bad for someone digging with a Frisbee.  And our pool water didn’t even go down. 

The world is a beautiful place, if only humans wouldn't mess it up.