Monday, November 2, 2009

Back from the Boat

We were incommunicato for a few days because we were on the dive boat.  But we are back in Cairns and emailing from Macdonald's of all places.  Who knew they had free Wi fi, something to be grateful for!

We boarded the boat and were greeted with champagne and snacks on our arrival. There was a really mixed group of all ages, thankfully.  There were three couples from Canada, including us, a couple from Paris, people from the US, Germany and some from Australia.  An interesting group all in all. We moved overnight as soon as we got on the boat.  The first crossing left a few people sleepless and green in the am.  We were a little the worse for wear, but determined not to miss any dives.  We had two dives the next morning and 1 or 2 in the pm plus a night dive.  We lived a lifetime in the short time we were aboard.  Everyone was in bed early every night.  Not at all like the dive trips I remember from when we were young.  Then we drank and danced and talked all night.  Not that I could do that now! Every night almost everyone was in bed by 9:30.  But the first dive of the day was usually at 7:15 am!  Then we had breakfast.  It was great.
The diving was great.  We had about 50 foot visibility.  We saw more tropical fish than I can believe.  What variety. The coral heads and soft corals were magnificent!   Take a look at the pictures to get an idea of the wonderful sights we saw.

Some places the current was strong and we really had to use our skills to move along.  The diving was challenging and easy at the same time.  It was great having the instructors along.  You could choose to go with them or go on your own.  the dive briefings were really detailed. We went with a guide at night and saw octopus, peacock spotted skates, anemonies - just tlike Nemo!  There's me behind the staghorn coral and the black sea star.  The large spotted fish is called a potato cod.  They were very friendly and inquisitive.