Sunday, November 8, 2009

life in Bali

8 Nov. 09

Thye island of Nusa Lembonga is a slice of heaven.  Poverty yes but lots of industry.  They are constantly buidling. the industry here is farming seaweed.  The whole family is involved and there are rows of seaweed in the ocean like rows of wheat back home. Tfhey sell it in Jakarta.

we rented a motorbike - $7.00 with 2 liters of gas and toured the island.  the village of Lembongan is pure picturesque Bali, temples everywhere.Driving home the village was returing from one of the many festivals and everyone was all decked out with lacy custumes and offerings on their heads.  We couldn't drive forward until the festival was over.  People directed us to Dream Beach.

  What a dream!  This is like a freedom 55 commercial.  Drinks in a bar on the cliff overlooking the beach and pounding surf.  Hemingway would have loved this place.The pace is very slow and we sat drinking and reading our books.

We toured more of the island and came across people carrying a woke with twin baskets filled with seaweed.  They gather it twice a day at low tide.