Sunday, November 8, 2009

Deeper into Bali

 Ubud 9 Nov 2009

The difference between Ubud and Sansur is as startling as the difference between New York City and Caledon.  We are now in such a pastoral setting it is very restful.  Last night a festival was on in all of Bali and the roads were clogged with an exodus to the beach in Sanur. Our driver had to back down the road to go in the opposing direction.  I would never drive in Bali.  It’s awonder he found our new hotel.  We crossed a stream where the bridge was no bigger than a footpath.  We were sitting in a air conditioned SUV. Last night someone was playing and singing in the house near our hotel the evocative hymns of Bali with the pan flute and the

I have lovely pictures of the new hotel.  Each place is more beautiful than the place before.  Tomorrow we take cooking classes – 20 dollars each.