Saturday, November 14, 2009

The difference between Ubud and Sanur is as startling as the difference between New York City and Caledon.  We are now in such a pastoral setting it is very restful.  Last night a festival was on in all of Bali and the roads were clogged with an exodus to the beach in Sanur. Our driver had to back down the road to go in the opposing direction. It was amazing to see thousnads of people heading to the beach because it was a holiday.  It had the QEW beat, I'll tell you.  and this town is supposed to be quieter than Kuta, our last stop.   I would never drive in Bali.  It’s a wonder the driver found our new hotel. The drivers travel so far than phone for more directions.  We crossed a stream where the bridge was no bigger than a footpath.  We feel a little conspicuous were sitting in an air conditioned SUV. But once we got to Ubud it was like a different country. It was truly the country, so peaceful and dark.  We could see the night sky with the souther cross.  That  night someone was playing and singing in the house near our hotel the evocative hymns of Bali with the pan flute and the haunting beat of bamboo. 
Hey, remember those lotus blossom pods we put in our fall arrangements?  Well, there are beautiful blooming lotus flowers here.  I will always think of Bali now when I see them.  

I have lovely pictures of the new hotel.  Each place is more beautiful than the place before.  The small geckos make a large sound for their size.  I thought the sound was the call of a large bird, until one night one was trapped in our room and I put two and two together.  Lucky Spud that he takes his hearing aid out at night.  
Tomorrow we tour the rice fields.