Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Beatutiful big blooms for a wildflower. 
Spring in Ontario means trilliums and they are starting to burst forth in all their splendor right now.  I have planted some in my garden and I love the symmetry of their geometric heads brightening each Spring day. Every ramble you take through one of our scenic woods or conservation areas will be teeming with trilliums right now. They are Ontario's provincial flower and they just lend themselves to graphic and stylistic designs, but nothing beats the simple beauty of the actual flower.

You can see the bare earth, an indication of the early bloom period of this plant.
Trilliums are called 'wake-robins' in early pioneer texts, as sometimes they bloomed before the first robin was seen. But robins have been chirping all over the place for at least a month now. Trilliums come from a word meaning triple and this plant has three petals, three sepals, six stamens, three parts to its pistil and three leaves on the stem. They belong to the lily family.
I have some red trilliums in my garden as well. I brought them from my sister's farm in Quebec. They bloom a little later, so I will post pics in a few days.