Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey, I won a prize!

The parent that donated a branch to the Horticultural exhibit at the garden club.
The Brueckner Rhododendron Garden on Lakeshore Rd. in Port Credit.
It doesn't happen often, but last night at the Cloverleaf Garden Club I won "Best in Show" for a branch of my PJM rhododendron I brought.  This is only the second time I have entered the club's competitions, but I think I'm hooked.  I won a first place for my houseplant - the "goldfish plant" last month, and now this!  

I need to tell you that the Brueckner Rhododendron Garden is having a guided walk at 2 pm on May 29. Located on the south side of Lakeshore Rd., west of Mississauga Rd. in Port Credit. Don't miss it.  These gardens are chock full of rhodos, azaleas and peonies and they are in  bloom now!