Monday, May 16, 2011

May forest walks

Scarlet tanager
I saw a scarlet tanager today!  Hurrah!  This is the first one I have seen in the last couple of years!  They like the pine and deciduous forest of Ontario, and I was walking in Riverwood Conservancy when one flew to a branch right above my head. I'm pretty sure I saw a female, which is yellow, the other day.  I didn't have my camera out and by the time I took it out it had moved further away. Isn't that always the way? They winter in Chili, apparently and one of the people on the walk said that he has seen them in Chili. He said what they don't have is squirrels, and people from Chili go wild for them when they move up here!  Strange when we almost consider them a nuisance, well certainly, around bird feeders the name is always accompanied by "damn". But I know a Canadian who just loves squirrels. There is no accounting for taste!
Keep your eyes peeled and listen for the low toneless call 'keep-back"