Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Spring Walk in Riverwood

The Chappell house
I went on a bird walk with a garden club member, Sophie - who is a much better and more sophisticated photographer than I - but I publish! I must admit that I failed to truly identify the birds the guide pointed out.  Many were a silhouette only, when I located them with my binoculars! I don't know if it's my vision or my binoculars. I did manage to see a creeper for the first time.  I am amazed that I can live this long and only see some things for the first time now!  Life is exciting!
While we didn't see all the birds our knowledgeable guides pointed out, the wild flowers were a delight!
The formal gardens with Spring bulbs.

A toad resting on the grass for all to see. 

Bloodroot, a very Canadian wildflower, when you break the root it bleeds red. 
Our bird guide told us the name. Colt's foot making a blanket of colour in a drab corner. I had never seen it before.
You can just make out the yellow adder's tongue, (dog tooth violet) . It has many names.
Dogwood with its brilliant winter colour.  
Scuptures dot the park. 
A mallard in it's own little stream.