Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seeds - the sign of hope

Sweet anticipation! Today I bought Morning Glory and Snapdragon seeds.  They are the only ones I try to raise from seed and that I find respond reliably to my haphazard planting methods.  But I must wait until 'all danger of frost is past'.
I don't start them indoors because I forget to water them, or water them so much they get 'damp'.
My trick is to put them in the freezer until I am ready to plant, usually just 2 weeks before May 24 weekend. Then I take them out, soak them overnight and put them between two pieces of paper towel.  When they sprout, I plant them , still sandwiched between the two pieces of paper towel. This is my little secret that you now can all share - go forth and multiply!
The paper towel protects the little root and gives me something to put the soil on to anchor them in place where I want them to bloom. Come July, I will show you a photo of my Morning glories.  I love the blue ones!
I have perennial sweet peas, that bloom , but I want the annual ones for cutting. I've also planted the small dark purple morning glories with the barely perceptible fushia stripe on them and have some success with them coming back every year. I've been in gardens where they are happily situated and just bloom all summer, alas mine is not one of them.