Monday, September 27, 2010

Rattray Marsh, Mississauga

Meadows of goldenrod

purple asters
The Handyman and I took a walk in Rattray marsh to look for birds and fall colour.  As yet, the leaves have not  changed, but the Fall wild flowers are in full bloom, making meadows of goldenrod and jewelweed.  Goldenrod has achieved some status in recent years and has moved into urban gardens where it is appreciated for its height and Fall colour. The jewelweed clumps up in vast areas and attracts humming birds to sip nectar from their deep throats.  It clustered close to the paths, so was easy to spot. The purple and white asters contrast with the yellow goldenrod to paint the meadows with lovely contrasts.  The yellow warbler is supposed to live in those woods, and while we heard bird calls we did not recognize, we did not catch sight of any of them. Have they fled south already?
berries on dogwood

Do you know what this is