Monday, September 27, 2010

Cloverleaf Garden Tour, Sept. 25

charming garden shed


"Neon" Stonecrop
relaxing by the pond

hydrangeas add Fall colour and structure
Actea "White Pearl"
What a good idea to have a garden tour in the Fall!  While most of the tours are in the early summer, I have a deep curiousity to know what people's gardens will look like throughout the seasons.  In the Fall you have to rely on certain standbys for colour.  Of course you want a burning bush in your garden. The new dwarf varieties have magnificent colour. The provide the structure that is essential when planning a garden for 4 seasons.  Then another standby is stonecrop.  The new varietals have much more vibrant colour than the perennial favourite "Autumn Joy".  "Brilliant" and "Neon" are also wonderful to lead your eye into the garden.  A new dark purple leaf variety has sturdy stems and huge flower heads that contrast beautifully this time of year. Look for a stonecrop called "Chocolate Drop" in your nursery.
Hydrangeas of all sorts graced the garden tour and added colour and structure in the garden.  There are many varieties to choose from, large and small and some with cone shaped flowers that emerge white and fade to pink.
A formal setting
Everyone's favourite garden seemed to be the one on Oakwood.  Every spot in the garden was designed and accounted for. Boxwood and evergreens formed the planting backdrop of the garden, while a beautifully integrated formal design with slight Oriental accent provided a restful oasis for the homeowner.
Dark leaf bugbane with lime green lamium in the foreground
bugbane "white Pearl'
There was a wonderful variety of plant material and design styles on the tour.  And I think everyone found some aspect they would like to incorporate into their own garden. I'm noticing Actea (bugbane) this year.  For a plant with such a horrible name it s a truly majestic plant in the garden this time of year.  A central stem with many branches carries the flowers on individual stalks that hold a single flower.
"White Pearl" is 3 - 4 feet tall with white flowers against the purply stems.  I am going to find a spot for this one in my garden.
 The plant sale allowed people to pick up Rose of Sharon, stonecrop, rudbeckia and very many other plants for their own gardens. Thanks to the organizers.  The tour was very well done!