Sunday, September 5, 2010

More Sept flowers

There are some container plants that just last and geraniums are one of them.  This little beauty sat on the deck all summer and in spite of neglect and sporadic watering is looking strong and healthy.  Geraniums are one container plant that can stand a little dryness and heaven knows that it has been an exceedingly dry summer.  Once client told me that she have given up on watering container plants.  This last heat wave just took too much out of her and she didn't want to go outdoors merely to water wilted impatients.  She is writing down the names of plants that did well in containers this summer and will buy those next year.  Among her favourites were plants in her very large containers, where the soil provided some insulation from the heat, and heat loving gerber daisies which are native to South Africa.  I tried a sedum container this year and I didn't water it even once (mainly because I didn't think about it) and it has done very well.
Roses bloom again in September usually and they certainly are welcome.  This is a bonica shrub rose that is very hearty and disease resistant.  The Japanese beetles tried hard to eat it, but I inspected and crushed (and also used a spray, I must admit) and it has survived the torture.