Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Snow

View over the back fence
Gotta keep the deck  clear for winter grilling!

Well, the storm hit and we have more snow than we have had for a long time.   We got 25 cm over Feb. 8 and 9.  It's more snow than the Toronto area has had in one day for 5 years.  It sure looks pretty today, though. This is the kind of winter I remember from my childhood.  Lots of bright sunny days with lots of snow.  We played outside for hours. Of course, that was in Montreal.  I even enjoyed shovelling today. (It does help that the Handyman had the snowblower out to do the driveway and the heavy plug of snow pushed in the end of the driveway by the snowplows.) Here in the GTA, Lake Ontario seems to cast a grey pall over the landscape for most of the winter.  Rain is on the way over the next 2 days, so it will all melt away, and be back to blah.