Sunday, February 24, 2013

More x country

Mostly we see one another's backs!
We start out in a group, but ultimately, each must do it alone.

One of the things I enjoy about x-country skiing is the hills. The trails at Hardwood all have names based on Olympic Skiing sites. The hill names are designed to intimidate you. After trekking up Sochi, we came to the Eliminator.  That's not the bad part, going down, the bad part is climbing back up.  I should have known that anything called the 'Berlin Wall' on the map would be hard to climb.  All I can say, is that my heart got a good workout that day. 
It's not the downside....
Yes, it goes straight down!

The wine and cheese made up for the exercise, and the good company was the icing on the cake!
but the upside, that gets you!