Saturday, August 18, 2012

One the raccoons didn't get!

The long awaited blossom!
The promise.
The shady pond with yellow flag iris, papryus, water hycinthe, and leaf lettuce.
Having a pond is very rewarding.  I love the sound of the falling water and both the Handyman and I spend time each day gazing at our little bit of sylvian bliss. I want the surface covered in plants with very little open water and I love the look of tall cypress and iris emerging from the pond.
I have had water lilies in the pond for years, but on my shady property they very seldom bloom.  I thought, at last, this year the plants were strong enough and robust enough to bloom and was looking forward to three buds on a water lily!  But one night a raccoon bit the buds off! How utterly disappointing.  Only another gardener can understand the feeling of letdown. After waiting patiently for years and anticipating each year that this might be the one for blooms, it is just hard to have your hopes and expectations dashed when they are about to be realized!  Drat those raccoons, or as my friend might say, ``Oh yes, bring your gun and kill those /!"///"! raccoons!`` Ah, the irony of being a gardener! It does stir very conflicting emotions.