Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A good year for phlox

My favourite.   I think this cultivar  is "Eva Cullum" Long blooming, doesn't fall over, mildew resistant, beautiful colour- what more could you ask for?

 P lox is  a great scrabble word.  I don't think I have ever used it in a Scrabble game though, note to self -  make it a goal.
Still going strong, with black eyed susans competing.

This phlox (Starfire) has beautiful red spring colour in the leaves and  stem and brilliant scarlet red flowers now.

 This has been a mildew free year for phlox in our region. The hot dry summer seemed to provide perfect conditions for phlox.  Heaven knows there are enough varieties of colour to satisfy any gardener.  At last I have satisfied by urge to collect every colour.  I do have a favourite which came from my sister-in-law (the best plants are always gifts!)

I think white is an essential background colour in a garden.
I have placed a border of white phlox at the back of the garden.  I have it interplanted with orange daylilies, so that as the lilies die down the phlox emerge for a new show in the garden bed.

This one was from my mother-in-law and is a very old phlox.  She had it in her garden for more than 20 years. Perhaps it is "lilac time" introduced in the  40's.
It is a beautiful pale lavendar colour.