Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Garden Walk Buffalo PIcts...

Spotted this little path from across the street. What a simple but effective design element!
Here are some more of the design elements that I noted on our Buffalo they are city gardens and every inch of space is used. Most people told us they had a garage which didn't fit a car so the got rid of it and added soil and started planting. I think they inspire each other, because the gardens are very well designed and really intrigue you.  
We have the start of this garden extravangaza with Streetscape Mississauga.  We need to grow our base, ideas and gardens and invite people in so we too can have a wonderful walk like theirs.  Buffalo you are an inspiration!

The magnificent old homes lend themselves to formal gardens.  See how repetition was used to create a beautiful garden. 

A mass planting of coleus can make a huge impact!

Nicely balanced plantings enhance this home.  The width of  the garden bed and the crisp edge play an important role in this deign.