Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Whipping the Wisteria into shape

I have a wisteria I have owned for 15 years and it has never bloomed!  That's right, never bloomed.  I have read that they can take up to 7 years to bloom for the first time, but this is ridiculous! I would dig it up, but the roots are so well established that I can't be bothered!  So I gave it a hard pruning in the fall and I am going to have one more go at it, before the buds break out. The Pruner's Bible says: "Prune back leader by a 1/3 of its length and prune back laterals by about a third of their length to ripe wood."  Under pruning tips it states "Be brave and decisive. Wisteria is rarely harmed."  So, I will venture forth, freshly sharpened by-pass pruners in hand to do the deed!  I will let you know what happens.  This story will not unfold until late spring when we see if it will finally bloom!