Friday, March 19, 2010

April Garden Chores

The warm weather makes us go out in the garden and itch to get our fingers dirty.  But, be careful about treading in the garden too much if your yard is soggy.  You will compact the soil and prevent some plants from growing.
But you do need to get out for regular tours to check on plants which may have heaved out of the soil.  Be on the lookout for the ones who are indecently exposed! Those plants will have roots at the surface and a the network of tendrils out in plain view!  Kindly cover them with soil and gently pack it down.  You should be noting which shrubs need a pruning for a better shape. If they are not spring bloomers, prune them now to maintain the shape you want.  In my garden, with the exception of the snowdrops, the bulbs are just pushing their tentative first shoots above the soil. The early purple crocus have appeared and the happy yellow faces of the winter aconites are most welcome. I have made the mistake in years past of uncovering plants too early and causing them to get frost bite.  Now is a good time to add soil to amend the nutrients in your garden if you know where all your plants are.
If you have to play, plant your urn.  I put a limited selection of items for the urn at the front of my property, mostly decorative elements.

I will have an urn workshop on April 20 at 1 pm.  We will plant perennials that can go into your garden when you change to the summer display! Email me for a spot in the workshop: