Monday, March 22, 2010

Wait Until After the Forsythia Blooms

I know you are tempted, but there is still snow in the forecast. If you wait until the forsythia is in bloom to really do things in the garden, you will serve your garden better.  You won't trample the tender shoots or cut the wrong plants, or compact the soil so nothing grows.   Each year that I've uncovered things early, I have regretted it.  I saw my black mondo grass made it through the winter.  I took it out of an urn and planted it in a protected spot for the winter hoping it would survive and because last winter was so mild - it did! Hurrah! I love it's little Rastafarian looking head! I want to do another urn using succulents this year.

I have been playing out there and have made an Easter urn.  Simple, yet effective, I think.

I'm off to the Bahamas and will blog from there.  You should see the plants! They are blessed with so much sunshine and rain that things just grow like crazy. I will send you pictures of the beautiful flowers and wonderful foliage.