Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter in the Garden

As I stare out the window from the sunroom in the winter, I am reminded that the 'bones' of the garden are all important.  I love to see the red branches of the dogwood, but that means I must remember to prune it in the spring so that I have that bright red colour in the winter to enjoy.  I make mental lists of all the things I want to add or change in the garden to make it more appealing in the winter.  My own garden needs more bushes to bring it to life. The structure of bushes shielding the view and making the eye go around corners is what I know needs to be done. One corner needs a major overhaul and I am contemplating what I will do there.  A willow trellis and bench are on my list of 'wants'.  Come sping I know that I won't want to distrub the ferns and that is why, in spite of all the years I have contemplated changing that corner, nothing has been done.  It takes a ruthless gardener to pull out happy plants!  I can only do it in other people's gardens!