Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring is getting near

Spring is in the air! Every time the sun comes out and the weather warms up a little I am itching to get into the garden. Now is the time when gardeners start pouring over seed catalogues.  I am waiting for Canada Blooms to get that fresh earth smell into my nostrils.
I attended a workshop at the local garden centre on the new species and hybrids of perennials which will be available this year.  It certainly started the gardening juices flowing and focused my attention back on the outdoors.  Look for some new colours in coral bells.  We saw a burgundy variety and some new limey greens.
Gardeners are always thinking of ways to improve their gardens.  So take a critical look at your bare plot outside. I encourage everyone to start thinking about those holes in their garden where the design is not working (or there is no design at all!).  When the spring flowers finally poke their heads out of the earth, consider where some new bulbs would be welcome. Mark the place with a popsicle stick where you plan to plant extra bulbs next fall.  Consider where a swath of colour would improve your spring garden.  Make notes to constantly improve your garden.  Was there a spot this winter which looked bleak?  What could you plant there so that next winter you have created more interest in your garden? 

In April I will offer a spring urn workshop.  Keep watching this site for more details.