Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Adventures in Winter Wonderland

Now that we are back home the long dark nights get to us.  When it is sunny we try to go outdoors, because it lifts our spirits right away!  I went to Quebec over the Christmas holidays and went snowshoe-ing.  It is amazing how hot you get when you are physically active outside!  Even just walking to the store feels good after being cooped up inside because of the weather.
We have 2 Korean teachers staying with us for the month of Jan­ to improve their english.  One of them had been to Australia, which gave Spud the perfect opportunity to show his pictures of Australia et al.  Our sons want to know why he doesn t take out the blurry slides.  The reason is because that is the only picture he has of that particlar object i.e. pigmy seahorse.  James gave him some advice. In that case, at least point with assurance to any place on the slide and say `there it is`.  Don`t say: ``It`s here, no,.. there, uh somewhere... I never did see it since I can`t forcus up close without my glasses.