Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kangaroos on the Wing

Saturday Oct 24, 2009
Well, we’re arrived!  We landed in Sydney on Saturday the 24, at about 9:07am .  Considering our time in the air we managed alright.  The flight was long, but bearable.  A movie marathon, including episodes of “Space” with the title actor from “Sean of the Dead”.  We followed recommendations about not drinking – almost.  We only had one glass of wine in the whole 23 hours. 
We are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to Cairns, so we are still in transit.  We have spent our first currency and broke out the strange Aussie dollars with their see thru spots so that makes our arrival official. Here is a picture of the airport in Sydney ..  As you can see the red dust cloud has lifted and it is safe to go outside.  A good omen for our trip.   Next stop Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef.