Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scarborough Bluffs

Lots of erosion, so stay away from the edge of the cliffs. 

Great time of year to see the bluffs.  Vegetation has not come out.  Note the yellow of the willow twigs.

From Cathedral Park above the bluffs towards the marina.

Looks tropical, doesn't it

The beach at Scarborough Bluffs

Peaking down the ravine from the top
Wikipedia states the following about the geology of the bluffs:
They run 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from the foot of Victoria Park Avenue in the west to the mouth of Highland Creek in the east, reaching as high as 90 metres (300 ft), the equivalent of twenty-five storeys.[4] However, the escarpment continues westward inland, running between Kingston Road and Queen Street East, pausing over the Don Valley, and continuing on the north side of Davenport Road. The escarpment forms the old shoreline of Glacial Lake Iroquois, formed after the last ice age, which left valuable geological records as the part of the escarpment by the lake eroded. The eroded alluvial deposits from the Bluffs then settled westward to form the Toronto Islands.

We had a beautiful day for our visit.  It was a great time of year to see the bluffs without the vegetation covering up the shore line.  We had lunch at Bluffer's Restaurant which is a beautiful setting. We need a restaurant like that in Port Credit!  The serve was off slightly, but not enough to really annoy you, but on a busy day, it might be a problem. 

You have to see the bluffs, especially in the Fall when the monarchs butterflies are massing to fly to Mexico!