Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Drat those squirrels!!!

Squirrel damage!  No wonder people hate them!
 I decided to pot up some tulip bulbs in the Fall so that I would be able to bring out an urn early with some beautiful  unusual tulips in the early Spring when every gardener is dying for some colour.  So, once the carefully planted and stored bulbs started sprouting, I decided to move the innocent, succulent shoots outside.  Just what the squirrels were waiting for I guess, because the next morning you can imagine my horror when I went outside to see the ravages of my careful work. It wouldn't be so bad if the squirrels actually ate them! But to just bite the tops off!!! That is a cruel dashing of hope. I salvaged what I can and put a cage over them. Why oh why didn't I do that from the beginning?  Live and learn.
This is what I was hoping would come up.
Squirrel barrier

Oh, the horror, looking out to see a bitten off top. This unattractive barrier has seemed effective so far.  Only one bitten off shoot.