Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hosta of the Year


The Hosta of the year for 2012  is the  'Liberty', a sport of 'Sagae', with thicker leaves and a wider yellow margin that turns creamy white in summer. In all other respects, the plant appears to be the same as 'Sagae'. The margin gets wider as the plant matures. Sun tolerant.
 If you gotta have the lastest - this is it. The fact that it is sun tolerant makes it appeal to a much larger variety of people.  
I prefer 'Paradigm' to the 'Liberty".  Look at in this photo nestled next to the goutweed.  It just draws your eye to that corner. And, what better way to crowd out and replace the invasive goutweed.  I dig deep and remove as much of the goutweed roots as I can. Then each year in the Spring get out and dig up any shoots near the late emerging stalks of the hostas.  You have to be careful not to break the stocks, but do this every year and eventually they goutweed is removed.

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