Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blue, blue

Scilla. Today the earth is cold and the soil in pots is frozen.
Last year the golden bleeding heart and the scilla appeared at the same time but it was a month later, check the date. This year the bleeding heart is still sleeping!
The cold may have returned for a few days, but the early bulbs won't care and these little scillas will flourish as a sea of blue in my garden and in those spots they have self sown in my lawn.  Things are indeed a whole month earlier than last year - not that I mind missing the usual grey days of March, where you wait impatiently for signs of Spring!  See the date on the photo - last year the scilla bloomed a whole month later!
Scilla or Squill are members of the Lily family. Naturalize easily the gardening books say.  I say don't plant them if you don't want them everywhere! It is a bit of a pain to clean up the spent leaves, but worth the beauty of the blue carpet they provide.