Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Deer At Riverwood

We almost missed seeing this deer, as incredible as it may sound, but they appeared behind us and if we hadn't turned around....

I had some visitors from Korea and I wanted to take them to a relatively 'wild area' so that they could see the Canadian forest.  This lovely walk in Riverwood Conservancy is just the ticket. They were very impressed with the site and kept telling me that in Korea there would be many people on the paths, not the occasional couple we encountered. It looks grey in the photo, but some of the trees still had their colour and it was a mild day.  The deer were coming to the stump to eat the seeds people had left for birds.  Photographers put seeds on the stumps and wait for birds to appear to eat the seeds.  I guess the deer have figured this out.  This is a mother and two fauns.
Once they had moved into the bush and were sitting under a tree one would not have seen them if you were walking and talking on the path. I often walk about this time and miss them.  I guess I need to keep my mouth closed!