Monday, November 28, 2011

Bring it indoors

I don't bring many plants indoors - lack of space, lack of time, and potential bug problems to name a few of the reasons that discourage this practice. But there is always one or two plants that I hate to see perish outside as the weather worsens. This year it is the papyrus plant that I wanted to salvage from my pond to put back out next year.  The roots must be kept submerged all winter, but I have a beautiful chinese pot to put it in and I will house it in my solarium and hope for the best. My ulterior motives are that, like all gardeners, I picture the plant in my mind's eye as lush, abundant and tropical luxuriating in my pond next year, and one season of growth will not achieve that effect.  So I have to winter over this plant or it will not ever live up to my expectations.