Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's blooming in August

You have to rely on phlox and helenium for colour in the fall.The varigated phlox seen here starts blooming a little later than the rest, so it is a good way to extend bloom time.  My favourite phlox is the one you can just make out in the top right hand corner.  It starts blooming in July and stays lovely into August.  It has a dark pink eye and the pink surround. It is not quite as tall as the standard phlox, so stays upright without staking, even in the rain.
 The helenium or sneezewort comes in a variety of oranges and yellows and is a nice tall plant for the back of the border. You can make it out against the fence.  It's unobtrusive all summer long and then breaks into colour just when you need it.