Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rhodos beginning to bloom!

The first rhododendron to bloom in the Spring is the PJM.  It is in gorgeous bloom in my front garden.  I was at a pruning workshop at the Riverwood Conservancy on Saturday and the speaker suggested that one should try small leaf rhododendrons, azaleas and only is successful with them try the large leaf rhododendrons.  I have had the PJM for over 15 years and it seems to love the spot in which it is located. But when I put a large leaf rhodo next to it, they just die, die, die!  I am going to try one more time.  The specimen I bought is just bursting with blooms ready to open.  I can't wait to see them open.
The azalea is also ready to open.  It's bare branches have the flower buds ready to open.  On this strange bush the leaves come after the blooms.   You can see the tulips in the background.