Friday, November 22, 2013

back in touch

All of the main buildings are open air.

Our little lOve nest
Definitely a Thai theme here, even the hangers are made of twigs.

the vista

That's us # 501.

After our days at sea we are once again on dry land. Actually it is a volcanic  island, very romantic and out of the way. If it weren't for the rain, it would be perfect. We had a bout of flu. The Handyman spent one day aboard flat on the bunk, not the best space to weather the flu. He missed a whole day of diving. He was a trooper about it and never complained, but i knew it was serious when he didn't' want to eat. I think one young man brought it aboard. I was congratulating myself on not getting sick, I had brought along Lysol wipes, when I was laid low as well, but at least I was back on dry land. I think we have used every one of the pills the travel doctor gave us. And we gave away Advil to those in need.
Tomorrow we are off to James Bond (or James Bon, as they call it here) island and the caves. We'll keep you informed...