Saturday, September 15, 2012

Toronto Island garden walk

The best view of the CN Tower!
Whimsy and charm characterize these gardens. 
Unique twigs are the pillars holding up the porch canopy.
A group of people I am in a garden club with, went for a quick Ferry ride across Lake Ontario to Ward's Island.  Laurie planned on walking along the roads and viewing people's front gardens, then stop at the Rectory for Lunch.  5 yum rating - the food was great, reasonably priced and the setting was all a gardener could hope for! It was a beautiful day and perfect for a walk by the lake.  The gardens on Toronto Island are old fashioned, by that I mean the owners allow them to grow, weeds and all.  They don't get too concerned about maintenance and allow the quirkiness and charm of the setting to play an important role.  If a weed flowers or has a nice structure it is allowed to stay. The sandy soil must be a challenge, so what grows is appreciated. The gardens reveal the artistic nature of the owners. Door colours pop and unexpected sculptures in the garden intrigue you. Someone might plant an old oil tank and decorate it with river glass.  Carrying garbage away from these islands is not easy and in the hands of these islanders, any object can become beautiful.  Sophie has some pics of beautiful annuals she is going to send.  I will post them when I get them
Colour and drama come from the pots on the windowsill. 

The cottage doors have unexpected hits of colour.

What are these?
Winding gates and arbors entice you and make you want to wander in. 

Amazing what you can carry over piece by piece on the ferry.

The owners here seem to all have an artist's eye.

The gardens have an untended charm.

The houses are individual and eclectic.

Big tankers ply these waters.