Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas urns 2011

Cedar boughs, birch logs, pine cones and red ornaments,
 with a few dogwood sticks to pick up the colour
This year's Christmas urn styles are lower than last year. Ornaments figure prominently in arrangements this year. I went for colours that complement the house. Of course, a big bow makes it festive.
 The urn at the front is one that stays out all year.  It was originally a grape vine ball that has deteriorated to a shell.  Two or three birch logs anchor the ball and then they are filled with boughs.  The red stars echo the woven star in the arrangement.

Look around the garden some branches really lend themselves to arrangements.  For instance Cotoneaster, euonymus, dogwood, willow, especially curly willow, and burning bush branches all can make a statement in an arrangement.
The berries of the mature burning bush would look lovely in an arrangement.