Friday, September 9, 2011

Ah Anemones!

Fall flowering anemones
The best flowers come from friends and I have Sophie to thank for these pretty pink anemones.  They are finally plumping up in my garden.  I don't know which cultivar they are, but I eagerly await the flowers in the Fall.  This plant is just starting to bloom, while the rudbeckia in background have been going strong for a month.  Watching the succession of flowers in the garden gives me great pleasure.
Stonecrop Autumn Joy

 What would Autumn be with out stonecrop!  There are so many varieties available for purchases now.  I love the new purple Emperor, but I just don't have enough sun for it.  This little performer is so reliable that I would recommend it to anyone. In the Spring its bunched circular round growth is a delight and its structure adds to the garden all summer long while you are waiting for it to bloom. Then in the Fall, when you need new blossoms this hardworking plant puts on its show.  What more could you ask for in a plant?