Saturday, December 11, 2010

Clothing Optional

Dec. 10, 2010

To Anonymous and all of our faithful readers, it's been great to read your comments and know you are out there.  Thanks for the smile every day and making us feel like we are in touch with home.  Tomorrow will be our last post about our trip, but we are going to Bahamas in March so more tales will ensue.  And there's always the garden blog to read about!

We went to the clothing optional beach today on our way to the Museum of Anthropology but protocol was followed and no one gawked or stared (must have been averting their eyes and following protocol.)   
Museum of anthropology at UBC
On the way back we stopped at the Van Dusen Garden and saw their Christmas Lights display. 
This evening we saw The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest.  It was the Swedish version with English subtitles. Excellent!  You can’t beat Nooni Rapace who plays Lisbeth Salander. She conveys the reticence and vulnerability that the character demands.  Hard to image that the English version with different actors will be better than this.
Lights reflected in the still water
A fairy land

We’re been doing a lot of walking and I have the blisters to prove it! But at least it didn’t rain today.