Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Urns

Penta urns
Well, take 5 women from the gardening club add pruners and this is what you get!  I must admit that I was a little worried about a committee creating urns, but they turned out well!  I like this one so much it was hard to take it away from my front to bring it to the raffle.

A Christmas urn that will take you through the season.  Just replace the ornaments with more pine cones or fruit.
The inspiration urn from Sheridan Nurseries
Our gardening group decided to create 2 urns for the Penta Luncheon.  We thought that someone might actually want two, one for each side of the door.  The Nurseries report that silver, red or green are the inspiration colours this year.  The urn on the right was the inspiration for our colours. The design is very stunning and modern.  Though we put silver in ours urn to be au courant, we did want a traditional looking urn because we had no idea whose house it would grace. Birch logs are still popular, so if you have one add it to the urn.
It was a lot of fun creating the urns.
The secret is to layer the colours of greenery that you add.  The B.C. cedars and pines are fuller boughs than our Ontario ones, so they are worth the price in my opinion.
Get out and create before the ground freezes and it is too hard to get the branches in the containers!